Content Blocked Error for Fork

Hey everyone!

I was working on a fork of a notebook I’ve been working on for awhile and at some point had to refresh the page. When I did, all of the cells were covered with an error saying that the content was blocked. Additionally, I was being given the ‘possible infinite loop’ message at the bottom of the screen. I tried logging out and back in, resetting my computer, disconnecting from the VPN I was on, reforking the branch to just redo the work, and even simply creating a new notebook, the result was the same. I was however able to open the notebook successfully on a different computer. The issue is that I can’t perform the work I need on the other computer because it doesn’t have permissions to particular data that the notebook needs.

Has anyone had this issue before and if so what can I do to fix/prevent this in the future?


Can you share a screenshot? Your description sounds like the problem might be caused by an adblocker extension. Also, do you see the same problem on other notebooks (either your own or from other authors)?

It randomly started working just now. I don’t believe I have any adblockers running. If the problem arises again I will share a screenshot here. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to recreate the problem. As a note, I was able to run other notebooks from other authors. I didn’t try other notebooks of mine, but I did attempt to create a brand new one and had the same problems