[Compare View] Please make fields non-editable in before and after views per change

Was the first time in compare view today and fixed some thing in the “after” view, thinking they would be stored to the most recent change, only to realize it’s still just a static view, with editable fields.
Its probaly safest to also make the document non-editable in the “before” and “after” views as it is all ready with the “diff” views per change.

I’ve run into this before, but I wouldn’t want it to be addressed by the removal of useful functionality.

Currently when you make edits to such a page, a grey banner is pinned to the bottom of the window that says:

You have X unsaved changes. Fork this notebook to save.

It would be nice if this were made clear before editing was attempted. For example, if one opens a notebook pinned to a specific version, i.e. a notebook URL ending with @XXX, then there’s a message at the top that says:

Any changes you make will not be saved.

Maybe something like this could be displayed on the “Compare” pages as well. I’d also like to suggest that this be made a little more prominent and mention forking as well.

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Original draft was also a bit more open, if the compare is between current and last version, save state could go to the current commit, otherwise I would fork first an from older version.

Anyway the point is recommending to make the note more prominent, or have dialog show up the moment you start editing. I just found it confusing and not in line with the rest of the UX.

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Yep, editing comparisons is part of our recommended workflow for merging (and suggesting) changes. The idea is that you can edit the proposed changes before you click Merge. You can also Fork from compare view to save your changes without merging.

But the point is taken about the behavior being subtle and non-obvious. We’ll try to think of an improvement. Thanks for the feedback.