compare fork abort

I just forked a notebook and wanted to see what happens if I update the source notebook. First of all nothing happens - as intended. But when I chose the compare fork, I could see the new updated code from the source notebook. So far so good.

What I did not find is a way to abort/ cancel the comparison I did not want to act upon. What is the way to get get to my notebook ? I could not find another way than goind back to all my notebooks and selecting the new one.
Did I miss something ? If yes, I would suggest an option to cancel the comparison and return to my notebook before I chose compare fork.

Hi @EE2dev. You can either hit the back button to get back to your notebook (of course), or you can click the “Parent = [title of your notebook]” link in the yellow box at the top of the compare view.

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thanks - strange, I didn’t find it…