Comments on cell's

I am not really sure if it would be an improvement but maybe it is worth a thought.
In a way it is a natural next step. Writing the notebook privately, publishing it and then once it is in the public, maybe people want to talk about it.
Some cases where it would be nice to comment on a cell are e.g.


  • finding mistakes ( i would like people to tell me when i am wrong and don’t notice it myself)
  • adding suggestions / additional resources
  • asking questions

cons (that i can think of):

  • spamming

So maybe it would be an idea to make it optional.


@tau No ETA yet … but we’re working on it!


also, generic notebook review commments been covered in my epic here:

also worth noting this thread for cell level tests or docs:

I’d like to see some options for both on site, in runtime, or inspector to do just that down to cell level.

I still think providing proper notebook spec and api per our convo w/ @jrus here is probably the best way to go there:

Good q! +1

also I know observable dev crew is super busy with the next month release. What’s in it thou?

I am taking a dive into this bit and can prototype comments on cells there in the time being if you open to 3rd party api beta I know @mbostock doesn’t approve. Just planning ahead for you guys :slight_smile:

Just as a workaround for now, since you can easily add Javascript, you can just add comments via Disqus. It’s a bit weird I agree and it might not be great since it gets forked, but it works for now.

Funny, just had a same idea (using disqus) and implemented generic functionality.

Anyone can import this functionality in his & her notebook