Feature request: Publish commit comments

Since you are using slugs and version notebooks as they are published and refined, the one feature I found lacking is Publish comments for the updated notebook log tracking.

Recently I just pulled down all my notebooks and put them in github repos, but I find myself doing it frequently with every major notebook update to keep track of what changed despite the fact that you can reference diff. notebook versions on observablehq.

So, I propose adding an optional Note input box to the Publish button for the detail oriented devs.

Including that note in your es6 JS module code export header comments could be a win win:

// URL: https://beta.observablehq.com/@randomfractals/chicago-community-areas
// Title: Chicago Community Areas
// Author: Taras Novak (@randomfractals)
// Commit: added communities geo json and sides grouping
// Version: 114
// Runtime version: 1


Could be just same Publish button with an arrow down. For most folks Publish will commit changes, for those who’d like to add comments, click on the arrow button, add a note and click publish in that drop down.

not looking for anything fancy here

see extensive followup on this from @mbostock here: