Command-Return (run current cell) missing?!

I feel a bit lost…

I’m sure I developed the reflex of Command-Return to run the current cell, but suddenly it runs the current cell and switches to a new next cell since yesterday or so. Very annoying, since I have to explicitly move back to the previous cell to continu editing.

What happened to Command-Return? Or should I learn a new reflex (Command-S or Shift-Return)?

Also, if it has changed, where can I find the release notes or updates regarding these changes.

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Shift-Return has always been the command for running a cell; nothing has changed here.

Six months ago, we introduced a new Command-Return command to commit the current cell and insert a following cell (and likewise Shift-Command-Return for preceding); previously this did nothing.



Still, it’s kind of weird. So I must have changed then ;-). I’ll have my self checked up by my MD.

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If it’s any consolation: I frequently forget the correct modifier keys to open Chrome’s developer tools (cmd-alt-i) and end up opening new mails instead (cmd-shift-i). :wink: