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Allow switching cell mode while typing in a new cell

I’m finding that very frequently I’m creating a new cell, starting to type, then realising I need to switch the cell mode to Markdown.

At that point I either have to remove the text in the cell or save it to get the cell mode switching UI.

Might it be possible to have the cell mode switching button in the gutter while typing in a new cell, instead of the “vertical dots” menu button?


+1 I also keep doing this

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You can click the mode icon in the gutter to switch modes once you’ve there’s text in the cell:

But it’s only shown once you’ve evaluated the cell at least once (just for lack of space in the UI). So there’s a “dead zone”: before you’ve typed anything, you can switch; when you start typing, you can’t; when you run it, you can. So I find myself doing “Cmd-A Cmd-X Right Cmd-V” a lot.

Alt+Right seems to do nothing at the end of line. And it does the same thing as Ctrl+Right (jumps to the next word). Instead it may be bound to invoke a menu for context dependent choices. Like bringing up autocompletion menu which among other things proposes to change the cell type if its current content doesn’t make sense.

Another useful thing could be visible single key shortcuts on such context menu, so one can safely press Alt+Right and m without even spending brain cycles on interacting with the menu.

Here is the related feedback issue:

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