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Collections Enhancements

Hi folks! We’re excited to announce that we’ve given our collections a few updates. Now, not only can you add notebooks to your collections, but you can also add other collections, too! This means that notebooks and collections can now live side by side in any collection, differentiated by our new thumbnail design. :tada:

Check out this notebook for more info, try the new collection functionality, and, as usual, let us know what you think! :smile:


Hey! Thanks for the update. Is there any prospect of a more traditional folder structure for notebooks and collections? Our team has found it quite tricky to navigate the workspace and I fear that having nested collections appear alongside their parents will only add to the confusion.

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Hey Ben! Thanks for the feedback. This is definitely something that we’ve considered (and continue to consider) extensively. For these recent updates to collections that allow them to contain other collections, we wanted to keep the behavior consistent with the way that collections previously handled notebooks (in that notebooks don’t inherently belong to any one collection but can be listed in many) to avoid potentially confusingly blurring the lines between our collections feature and a more traditional notebook structure. Another way we hope to extend collections in the future is to allow users to save other users’ content to their own collections, which fits in easily with our current non-hierarchical approach.

That said, we know that in some cases hierarchy can be extremely useful in organization for obvious reasons and collections as they are today simply do not allow you to achieve this – making this experience better is certainly something we plan to address soon. In addition to offering a more traditional folder structure, some other ideas we’ve thrown around are allowing users to pin particular collections or curate their profile so that certain content can be promoted as entry points. I can’t say exactly what the change will be, but these options are all on the table and we’re definitely planning to make some improvements on this front in the coming months.


That all makes sense, thanks Sydney.

I think that pinned content on a team homepage would be a real boon. Something akin to the quickstart menu is exactly what I’m after:

Pic for those who closed this on day 1

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