Clear Chrome Dev Console

I created a notebook and tried very hard to configure flowchart.js to work inside observable. After deciding to just move on, I deleted the notebook and started a new notebook. I opened the dev console and seen that observable was still attempting to connect to the cdn’s from the previous notebook. I tried an “Empty Cache and Hard Reload” but nothing. I then tried going to dev console > application > clear storage > clear all site data…and even though I had to sign back in the errors persisted. So I thought about clearing any service workers for observable, I found 1, and clicked “unregister”. Refreshed and the issue persisted. I opened an incognito window and the console was cleared! But…what do I do about my non-incognito?

Hey Earl,

Unfortunately no quick solutions come to mind for me: Observable doesn’t (currently) use service workers for anything, and we don’t have anything else that could really create the rather unusual behavior that you’re seeing. I have a few guesses that may or may not be helpful:

Do you have ‘Preserve log’ checked, here? Under the gear menu in the developer tools. If so, that would explain messages persisting. Otherwise, this may be the result of an OOPIF in Chrome crashing but never disconnecting from the browser process. Chrome’s move to out-of-process iframes is great such that they never crash the main window, but less than great when it goes wrong.