Cannot revert "current version" in notebooks

Steps to repeat:

  1. Create a new blank notebook

  2. Click “snippets” sidebar.

  3. Click “button” rapidly ( 5 or 6 times )

  4. Observe how the notebook is unhappy. So you want to undo those last few clicks.

  5. click the 3 dots next to the heart icon to bring up the options menu.

  6. choose “view” → “show history”

  7. But I am slow today and I accidentally choose the “current” version in the history. Note that the “Showing version 15. Changes will not be saved” and “Revert” icons are showing.

  8. stupidly, I click “revert”

  9. I see that I cannot revert it

I thought at first this was because the notebook was unpublished. But I realized it was because I was trying to revert to the “current” version.

So the bug/ feature request is that you grey out / disable the “revert” button when the current version is selected - instead of allowing the user to click “revert” and see the error. Or if you want to keep this, at least add something to the error message saying “this is the current version already” …


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The best place to report bugs and post feature requests is the feedback repo on Github:

See also the pinned introductory topic:

This contradicts the posted file: .github/ at 75147cf7424db8d5f4a32b2f4354893fa000673b · observablehq/.github · GitHub

Do you want to add a new feature or change an existing one?

  • Suggest your change in the Observable forum to discuss your idea with our team and user community.
  • Wait until you have collected positive feedback about the suggested change from members of the Observable team before opening a new Github issue or submitting a pull request.
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I created an issue here Reverting to a the current version results in error message. · Issue #146 · observablehq/feedback · GitHub

Indeed, some changes seem to have fallen through the cracks. The file was last changed on 2020-08-12, while the feedback repo has only been around since February 2021. I’ve pinged @Cobus about this.

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Thanks! Surprisingly confusing where to post feedback :slight_smile:

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Sorry that is so confusing! I updated the mentioned file to be consistent with providing feedback in the feedback repo. Thanks for pointing it out. And thanks for raising the bug!