Bug: Notebook only partially indexed

One of my latest notebooks, Encoding Data In Images, only shows up in search results if the search terms are part of the title or some code parts. Any markdown text appears to not have been indexed at all.

Terms that fail:

  • premultiplied
  • pngs
  • conversion checks
  • cors rgb
  • initSqlJs
  • inspect-wrap
  • sample_db
  • HTMLCanvasElement

Terms that match:

  • png2blob
  • crossorigin getimagedata

I haven’t been able to find any pattern. Several notebooks that I’ve tested and that were released before or after this one show up in results for prose searches.

@mootari, Thank you for reporting this search problem, and providing such a good list of expected search terms to test against!

The problem was a bug in our search indexing function, where certain sequences of punctuation in the text could cause the remainder of the notebook to be excluded from the index.

We’ve updated our indexing function, and reindexed notebooks across the board.

Your Encoding Data In Images notebook now appears in the search results for all of your previously-failing search terms.

For example:

Thanks again!