Bug: Likes not shown in private notebook


  1. Publish a notebook.
  2. Receive like.
  3. Unpublish notebook.

Expected result:
Like is shown in notebook detail.

Actual result:
Like is only shown in notebook teaser, not in notebook detail.


Unpublishing a notebook also removes assigned collections (only tested with a public collection).

Removing a notebook from its collections on unpublish is a bug (now that we support private collections and private notebooks in public collections).

It’s expected behavior to not show likes on private notebooks—those are only for shared and public notebooks. So we shouldn’t be showing the likes in the notebook listing, either.

Thanks for the reports!

Why though? I would think that treating private notebooks differently increases the maintenance burden (as demonstrated by this bug), and @tom mentioned bookmarking as a valid use of self likes:

This should be fixed now. Thanks, @mootari!