Bug: Cannot override indirectly imported cell

Assume we have a notebook containing a cell cell1 depending on a field field2. Moreover, we have a second notebook that imports cell1 while overriding field2 using an import {...} with {...} block. Everything works so far - that is, the value of cell1 is correctly modified.

Lastly, assume we have a third and final notebook that now imports cell1 from the second one while again overriding field2. This time, however, cell1 is not updated according to the value given by field2 in the third notebook, but still contains the value from the second notebook.

Kudos to @bryangingechen for the MWE.


Yep, this is a known bug: import-with only works at the first level. :slightly_frowning_face: We’ve started on a fix (using our compiled ES imports to implement Observable imports) and should hopefully get it released soon.


Thanks mike! Looking forward to the patch :slight_smile:

We’ve deployed a fix for this! :rejoice: