Notebook import fails silently


I’m encountering some weird import-related buggy hebavior. I’ve always been able to import variables from other notebooks, including my own, but in a new draft notebook ( Observable is now interchangeably failing to:

import { butterfly } from '@kelleyvanevert/tiling-butterflies-to-get-a-dragons-egg-origami-model'

Either failing with ‘Error:’ for worker.e6201b9a10b56a1cbaa44a6ad944ce1264fd087bd36da1e822ddf4476c37cafc.js:2:13948, or sometimes ‘Error: unknown node’ for worker.e6201b9a10b56a1cbaa44a6ad944ce1264fd087bd36da1e822ddf4476c37cafc.js:2:25280. The cell itself stays blank, without ‘undefined’, or even the left-border turning grey.

import { checkbox } from '@jashkenas/inputs'

Sometimes works, but sometimes it gives the same ‘Error: unknown node’ error.

import { view } from '@kelleyvanevert/origami-with-three-js'

Mostly works, but

import { surface } from '@kelleyvanevert/origami-with-three-js'

Almost always fails, with just the ‘Error:’ error.

To be clear: this is the first time I’m encountering this behavior. I’ve made new draft notebooks, but the same errors occur.

Apologies! There is a known issue with imports and we’re working on a fix. I’ll post here when it’s deployed.

Fix deployed! Sorry for the trouble, and please let us know if you run into any other errors.

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