Buddhabrot Playground: Browser/GPU compatibility?

I can’t get the Buddhabrot Playground to run that is featured in the WebGL explorables:

  • Graphics card: AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 M
  • System: OS X 10.11.6 (15G21013)
  • Firefox 61.0.2 (64-bit): Tab crashes reliably as soon as the notebook starts to run.
  • Chrome 67.0.3396.99 (64-Bit): Canvas stays black, temporarily increased CPU usage, no console output.

Are there any compatibility gotchas one should be aware of? If so they should probably get mentioned at the top of the notebook.

Edit: According to webglreport.com WebGL 2 is fully supported.

Just tested on Windows 10 with a Radeon RX Vega M GL GPU: Here it runs reliably in both Chrome and Firefox.

Might be an issue with WebGLTransformFeedback. For the Radeon R9 M370X the following stats are reported:

This specific transform feedback example is also not running (although not crashing in FF), while the others do.

Unfortunately I’m out of my depth here.