Application error: a client-side exception has occurred

One on my notebooks doesn’t work anymore. The problem is that I haven’t change anything…

Can you share the notebook?

At least we won’t have to worry about that anymore!

It is this one, right?

I wonder whether, when you Shared it (and made it public) it lost its slug? Can you post a screenshot of the ‘Share’ modal from this notebook?

Ok. When I click on the notebook, I have this creen

When I click on the settings via the Collection, I can have acces to the share menu.

But I’m not able to resolve anything.
Moreover, forking the notebook do not solve the pb.

I can see your version of it, but when I try to fork it, it crashes. We’re looking into it.

To “fix” the notebook (though it’s obviously not your fault that it’s broken!):

  1. Load the notebook in safe mode (Safe Mode: Bertin.js: dorling cartogram / neocarto / Observable)
  2. Go to the empty cell with unsaved changes (the cell formerly named cities, right above dots)
  3. Save that cell (Shift-Enter or play button)

The notebook should no longer crash, and you can then restore the previous value of that cell. That should fix the crash for you for now; we’re still looking into why it’s happening.

What’s happening?

The most recent “committed” version of the cities cell, as you can see from, is

cities = d3
  .then((r) => r.filter((d) => +d.population > 1000000))

The “committed” version is what shows up in history, and what determines the output that’s shown. But we also save the “subversion” while you type, before you hit run/save/play. That’s how multiplayer works.

When you load the notebook, we load all the committed versions, but then also the uncommitted changes on top of that. Somehow there’s an uncommitted change to the cities cell that makes it empty.

If you’re not the owner of the notebook, it crashes when you focus that cell. If you’re the owner, the notebook tries to focus it automatically when it first loads (because it thinks you were just editing it), and it crashes. If you fork the notebook, we’ve recently started including those unsaved changes in forks, so that you can tinker with a notebook you can’t edit and it won’t lose unsaved changes when you fork it to your version. But here that means that the notebook also crashes in that case.

Still don’t know the root cause. The error shouldn’t occur, and if it does, it shouldn’t crash the whole page. We’re still looking into it. And I’m terribly sorry; it’s maddening to lose access like that when you didn’t even touch anything!


Its works. Thank you.

Btw, if you’re curious, Wiltse got to the bottom of it last week:

We underline references to other cells you can jump to. That’s based on the “committed” value of the cell, not the value in the editor, which is why you don’t get the jump-to underline while you’re typing until you run the cell.

Your cell’s uncommitted value was empty (which might’ve been errant?), but the committed value had a reference to d3 at character 9, so it was trying to place the underline at a position that no longer existed. Hence the error in the console: “RangeError: Position 9 is out of range for changeset of length 0.”

That’s now fixed.

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