Animating the Hunga Ha'apai global pressure wave

A BME280 sensor can measure and log local atmospheric pressure. What happens if thousands of people share their sensor logs?

Animating changes in local pressure across Europe shows the extraordinary scale of the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruption on Saturday.


It’s very impressive to see the second wave passing in the opposite direction just before midnight.

Yes - my next step is to combine with data from the 16th to see the full passage of the second wave. As with much datavis, most of the work is in wrangling the data to give something to work with that isn’t too large for sharing.

It would be nice to filter out the wobbling sensors (esp. the one near London).

Yes I agree there is scope to do some more filtering. I’ve already have a filtering in place that removes several hundred. This is based on the variance of pressure change values (exclude zero or very high variance sensors) and the logging frequency (high frequency logging requires a larger window to detect pressure wave and this is too expensive to apply to all sensors).

Trying to avoid bespoke removal of sensors while also avoiding those with a sufficiently good signal.

Have updated the page with stronger filtering of sensors and extending the time window to show two more waves pass through.

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