Animated Hex bin Histograms

Hello to all super duper Observable geniuses

The link above is comprised of 2.1M Ad impressions from a campaign in USA for the month of April 2020.

For now we are seeking simple Hex Bin Histogram based upon the location. The Scrubber is discrete domain of days of the month of April.


  1. I like to compute this, if possible, in real time in Observable.

  2. There are Machine Learning algorithms perform for each day of the month, might take from minutes to an hour of computation on a large server and I like to be able to store the results into either a group of files or single large file that would be feed the SVG animator. To compute these algorithms in Javascript is not possible.

I have seen quite a few such SVG map animators but the data seemed to be small or somehow I was not able to see where the larger data was accessed from.

  1. For those of you who are endowed with coding deathwish I like to have 4 stack plots in 3D, see attached sample