Adding datasource with streaming fast changed data

I need view bars chart from fast changed data, like exchanges data (orderbooks, prices, etc )
Data like this has change time 10-20 millisecond’s. Which datasource i can added to observable chart for this case?
If observable charts cannot support this, which instruments/libraries can help with this task?

Something around WebSockets is good general solution for streaming realtime data., Firebase realtime database (bit US centric), ZeroMQWebsocket: 39/ZWS | ZeroMQ RFC something like that.

Serverside sent events are pretty good too and maybe a little less complicated being plain http.

If you want super high performance without head of line blocking there is newer QUIC https/3 solutions which would allow you to drop stale packets to ensure the latest stuff is prioritised.

Not sure what you are looking for, managed service, build your own. There are a lot of options and you can spend an infinite amount of engineering resources squeezing every last drop of latency out of a system.