Shared real-time views

Hi all,
New to observable the last couple of days. Really liking it, bought a paid subscription, off to the races, thanks!

But…my use case (at, check us out) requires that people viewing our notebooks can not only see code changes in real time, but also graphical view changes in real time.

Is this on the Observable road map? Is it available now via some workaround? Please advise, this is critical path this week.


By seeing graphical changes in real time, do you mean that what each user sees is based on the same shared state/data (in real time)?

There have been some interesting 3rd party developments around this, namely Convex and Firebase:

Do these help?

I did a livestream recently which is all about streaming IoT data to dashboards/whatsapp/duckdb for AgTech

As each build on the previous one you can see the live dashboard in the latest

This is actual data from greenhouses in Colombia