💣 Livestream on 🚅 realtime dashboards of realtime IoT data

I am livecoding with a fascinating domain expert on industrial flower processes, Gabriel Coch, next Tuesday. We hope to bridge Blues Wireless Sensors in Colombia to Observable dashboards with WEBCode.run webhooks so we can bring data into a Firebase and visualize it all in a single notebook.

Calendar invite and stream details Upcoming Events / Endpoint Services / Observable


Next episode is in 3 hours, we are gonna be sending Observable generated charts over WhatsApp beamed straight into field works mobile devices. No Wifi is required, it will work with the cellular network! Get data where it is needed, in the moment it is needed!


Hi, just released the tidied-up video of EP03: Dashboards over WhatsApp. This might interest anybody who wants to embed plot dashboards in 3rd party applications.

Next week we will use DuckDB to perform SQL predictive analysis over our data streams, so we can warn our farmers if their livelihoods are at risk. The calendar invite and details are in the notebook.

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