would like to see more NLP on this site

shameless plug:

whenever @mbostock & @tom are ready to create NLP notebooks collection, I can scrub in and collabo with @spencermountain and others to spread the joy

Here is parsing names, places and numbers NLP taste starter kit :wink:

I’ll create better terms diagram tree later if anyone is interested in this kind of work. could be used for speeches/tweets text analytics, etc.

my new NLP joint is shaping up nicely here :slight_smile: if anyone else want to take a crack at it too:

so I’ve decided to refactor my humango Hello, NLP! intro notebook

and break it into smaller bits for easy imports in other notebooks

should be able to finish this NLP notebooks intro set refactor today/tomorrow.

Just hit this link if you are interested in this subject matter:


wrapping up my dive into NLP with https://compromise.cool today

Put together this simple one pager for easy ref. of the notebooks I’ve created with that NLP lib this week: