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WIP: Observable as a Jupyter kernel frontend

The New notebooks in Quickstart thread reminded me of a test notebook I made of using an Observable notebook as a frontend to the python Jupyter kernel. It’s still incomplete, but since I don’t foresee myself finishing it in the near future :cry: I figured it would be better to share instead of just letting it rot in my private notebooks:

Questions, comments, forks, suggestions, etc. are all very welcome.

What’s missing:

  • some introduction text (for now, you have to follow the somewhat lengthy instructions in the “Connecting to Jupyter” section or else everything is just inexplicably broken)
  • some interesting examples (e.g. using Observable to write Jupyter widgets)
  • a less ad hoc output area
  • loading / saving .ipynb notebooks (?)
  • looking into reactive kernels like https://github.com/jupytercalpoly/reactivepy and https://github.com/dataflownb/dfkernel