Where is the download tarball link ?

I’ve used the “download tarball link” to get a url which I could use with yarn as in.

yarn add https://api.observablehq.com/@maliky/example-of-network-from-discussion-forums-in-mooc.tgz?v=3

But today I only see the “download code link” which this time gives me a tgz file when it use to be a js file.

I can still build an url to install the notebook with yarn based on the download code filename but I was wondering what I missed.

Is it normal that if I don’t see the download tarball anymore? and If so, why shouldn’t we use it ?

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We’ve been trying to improve how notebooks are downloaded and embedded over the past week, and a few things got renamed and moved around.

The old “Download tarball” is now just “Download code”, in the notebook menu. You can click on the link to download the tarball directly, or right-click on “Download code” and choose “Copy link address” to get the URL for the tarball that you can use with Yarn, just like before.

In addition, you can now download (and npm and yarn intstall) tarballs for private notebooks, by using private download urls that expire after a few minutes.

And you can also quickly generate the required code to embed individual cells from public notebooks, by clicking on “Embed code” in the menu of any named cell.

I hope that helps.


Yes thank you.
I was indeed finding it confusing to have 2 download links. This makes it easier.
Thank you

Note that https://observablehq.com/@observablehq/downloading-and-embedding-notebooks is now a bit outdated:

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Thanks for the reminder. I just republished with some edits.

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Here is a diff update for the https://observablehq.com/@observablehq/how-to-embed-a-notebook-in-a-react-app using this image

Thanks, @maliky — both tutorial notebooks have been updated again.

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