What is the best visualization for seeing changes in distribution over time in hierarchical data?

I am trying to find a good visualization for how how I spent my time is changing over time. I can visualize this data for a single interval very well with a sunburst or treemap chart:

But visualizing the changes in the distribution is more challenging. I have taken a look around, and I think my best bet is to create a custom stacked area chart with support for hierarchical data. A version of the normal stacked area chart can be seen at Stacked Area Chart / D3 / Observable (I am new so I can’t post two embedded images).

Any advice? Any suitable fork points?

PS: I don’t think animations are good for my use case. I find animations distracting and I can’t keep the whole flow in my head.

PPS: A big problem is that categories can be added and removed at any time in my data; E.g., study/physics can finish after the semester ends, and study/math/grouptheory added.

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This reminds me of SplitStreams:

They’re a generalization of streamgraphs to show evolving hierarchies. I haven’t seen them used in the wild, thoguh. There’s a paper here.


Thanks! It’s exactly what I want, except their screenshots look really bad. I’ll run their demo and see what it can do.