We are expanding our product offerings

Last month, we introduced Free Teams in order to help more people collaborate openly and share public data work with the Observable community. We received a lot of positive feedback from you about how Free Teams help people collaborate with data using visualization to find insights.

In mid-October, we will introduce a few new paid product offerings for teams and individuals who need to do their collaborative data work in private. This means that our free offerings will be for working in public and sharing with the community, and our paid offerings will support working in private as well as in public. Users will be able to switch between the offerings as their specific needs change.

There is no action required from you at this time, and when we launch the new offerings, your account will continue to function as it is today. We will offer a transition period to select the offering that best meets your needs going forward, and rest assured that, even if you choose to continue in the free public offering, all your existing private work will remain private.

It is important to note that these changes will only affect the notebooks in your personal workspace and not your team workspaces.

Please reach out to support@observablehq.com with any questions, or feel free to comment right here!


We started an FAQ and pinned it to the ‘Latest’ and ‘Announcement’ categories in the forum.