Visualize Hierarchical Data in D3.js from Neo4J


I have a Neo4J database that is a hierarchical representation of products that is about 8 levels deep:

Owner → Facility → Country → RegionorState → Brand → ProductFamily → MainProduct → Variant

I want to visualize this in multiple different D3.js visualizations, starting with zoomable sunburst.

My issue is getting the data out of Neo4J in a way that can be consumed by D3.js. This would seem like a common use case but I am not finding any examples of doing this beyond one github project from three years ago that uses a force chart.

I am new to D3.js and struggling to find good documentation on the data format it supports.

Has anyone visualized hierarchical data from Neo4J in D3? Is there examples or tutorials of this somewhere or, even better, a Neo4J connector for D3.js?