Vega-Lite data offset from x-axis

I’m trying to make a chart of Michigan’s Coronavirus cases on a log scale using Vega-Lite. I’ve got the chart, but all of my data is offset slightly to the left of the x-axis, which is time. I really can’t figure out what’s going wrong here. Code is below:

viewof lineCircle =
    vl.y().fieldQ('cases').scale({type: 'log'}).axis({tickCount: 5})
    vl.markCircle({size: 60})

Link to the notebook is here:

I have figured it out. It looks like my time units where taking up a little to much space and throwing everything off. My new relevant code is this: vl.x({timeUnit: 'date'}).fieldT('date').

It is taking up less space and looks fine now. Strange!