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Updates to the site and notebook headers

Hi folks,

We pushed out a few changes to the site header and notebook headers today.

We’ve moved the notebook-specific controls out of the site header and consolidated them into the top section of each notebook.

This change should make it easier to spot a notebook’s [Publish] button, or its […] menu, or understand if you have unsaved edits that need forking.

It also leaves us with a cleaner site header that has room to accept some more top-level navigation items in the future.

Bug reports are always welcome, so please let us know if the layout looks wrong in your browser, or if you find yourself unable to do something you previously could.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Making the “reshare” button just a text link instead of a filled-color rectangle is a nice improvement, as it’s now less visually distracting. :+1:

I’m still not entirely convinced that the floating header is worth the vertical space at the top of the window.