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Unique non-repeating quilt designs

Anyone interested in quilting and mathematics might enjoy a notebook I used to design unique random hand-stitched quilts based on non-repeating rhombus Penrose tilings (generated using a 5-dimensional dual representation due to deBruijn):

This notebook exports a JSON design file, then I use some python for the final step of producing a multi-page PDF with accurately dimensioned printable construction templates, since I have not figured out how to do that directly in Observable yet.


played with this for a while; i love seeding with a string! have you stitched any yet? (i wouldnt know how to make a pdf in either observable or python ha)

The software is now gradually being compiled to soft wear…


David that’s so great!! Would you mind if I tweet that from the Observable account?

Creating PDF: hmmm… if it was an SVG, you can save the SVG, open it in Safari or Chrome and Save As… PDF?

BTW, love your quilt generator. Maybe share the love for Tartan / Martien van Steenbergen / Observable ?

Sure, thanks for asking.

The completed software to soft wear transition: