Twitter API

Has anyone had any success making notebooks that use the Twitter API to query data? As near as I can tell, all methods of authorization for the Twitter API require the use of some sort of secret, which isn’t conducive to client-side only queries, but I wondered if anyone had come up with any clever techniques to do so.

Could you use a Secret?

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There’s a hack that relies on embeds. I can’t find the library right now, but the idea is parse the semantically annotated markup, e.g.:


That would work for playing around, but it would be more fun to make something I could publish :slight_smile: I suppose I can always generate a data dump periodically from a private notebook and upload it as a file to a public one.

Huh! Interesting approach. Doesn’t work for the thing I had in mind, but that’s pretty cool.

I had no luck finding that library again. And to add insult to injury, the shadow DOM CSS injection that I wanted to demonstrate (for modifying the look of embedded tweets) also no longer works, because the class names are now all generated. :frowning:

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