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Tue Sep 15 on Twitch: What's New in D3 6.0 with Mike, Fil & Ian

Next week we’ve got a special Twitch stream for you on the ObservableHQ Twitch channel !

On Tue Sep 8 @ 10am PT , join @mbostock @Fil & @enjalot for an inside look at What’s New in D3 6.0. We’ll take a hands-on dive into some of the API changes by looking at real code samples, and Mike, Fil & Ian will share their behind-the-scenes insights & answer your questions in chat. You won’t want to miss this one!

Join us Tuesday & follow us on Twitch to stay tuned for more streams! https://www.twitch.tv/observablehq


Has the streaming date been moved? Or did I botch the time conversion?

It has been postponed to next week, but it seems that the postponing was not announced everywhere :frowning:

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Looks like it wasn’t announced anywhere. :wink:

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Sorry, it’s my fault for not updating here!
The schedule conflict happened over the holiday weekend, and apparently twitch doesn’t show events that are further out than one week.

We are excited to do it next week, September 15th though!


Just a heads-up, Apple just announced their iPhone/iPad event for the same time.


This is happening tomorrow, Tuesday Sept 15! Sorry for any confusion, but better late than never! :smiley:

Tune in at 10am PT for what will definitely be a most fascinating chat! See you there :raised_hands: twitch.tv/observablehq

P.S. as usual, this will be recorded! So if you can’t make it (or have an :apple: conflict :wink:) check back on twitch.tv/observablehq/videos afterwards for the video!

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