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Join us live on Twitch! Tue Sep 1, 10am PT

Another stream on the ObservableHQ Twitch channel is coming your way tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Tue Sep 1 @ 10am PT , @enjalot and I (@anjana) will be Mapping Air Quality Data with D3 - we’ll be exploring how to make maps with D3 in Observable and then mapping air quality data to visualize how (un)breathable the air has been in California recently.

Join us tomorrow & follow us on Twitch to stay tuned for more streams! https://www.twitch.tv/observablehq


Will there be a recording? Watching it live clashes with my schedule

@Job Yes, we are and will continue to be recording all of our streams :vhs:

You can watch the recording of today’s stream on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/728179573

And it’s also embedded in our finished notebook from the stream: Mapping Air Quality Data with D3

Twitch deletes recordings from its platform after 2 weeks, but after that we’ll be posting them on our YouTube channel.

Hope you enjoy it!

P.S. We will occasionally change up the day/time when we can, to accommodate more geographies & schedules :smile:

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Thanks! Watching it now (tangent: Tree-style tabs :+1:t1:)

Crazy idea: scrape the live replay from the Twitch chat, turn it into special subtitles for the YT upload :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, since there are recordings of the streams, I think it’s fine to focus on the most convenient time for the speakers, since they are also doing a service for everyone else already. But then again, I’m not very invested in watching streams live so maybe I’m a bit “biased” here


Thanks, that’s great feedback!

scrape the live replay from the Twitch chat

This is a cool idea! For simplicity we’re going to stick with recording the chat as part of the video for now - I know that’s less convenient wrt links, etc. but hopefully it’s good enough for the time being :slight_smile: We’ll see how we can improve this down the line!

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