trouble using all files with common term in filename to concat words for wordcloud

Hello! I hope eveyrone is good here. I am new to ObservableHQ, so please bear with me. I am trying to visualise my dataset word frequency with d3/word-cloud

I have a folder full of dataset text files, how can I write code to take all the words from all text files that have the term Georgia in it?

I’ve searched and there dont seem to be a method in Observable to do this:

For instance

I have this code
const filenames = [
// Add more filenames as needed

// Use Promise.all to read all the files that contain “GeorgiaPalmer” in their filename
Promise.all( => FileAttachment(filename).text()))
.then(files => {
// Process the files as needed
// …

How can tell the script to use all files with the term Georgia in the filenaem

I would recommend zipping the directory and attaching it to the notebook as a zip file. Then you can access the files in the zip file in a loop. See File attachments | Observable documentation