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BTW, just noticed the week switcher — didn’t realize the explore page was a magazine-style weekly thing!

Overall I feel that discovery has suffered since the redesign: /recent is hard to find, and /explore is old; so I guess much less people are using them.

This, I think, explains the sharp drop in :heart:on "my notebooks”, which is particularly visible on my own notebooks :scream:(I don’t feel that those I published in September are less likeable than those of August, though of course that is a possible alternative explanation).

Let’s try a data-vis proof:


Incidentally–and as a person who has ‘liked’ most of @Fil’s recent notebooks (even after the redesign)–i keep on top of new notebooks by having changed my entry point to Observable to /recent rather than click-scroll-(squint)-clicking to it. And yes - i dont read /explore so much anymore (though when i do, i often ponder who is writing all the subheadings on this page).


Well I liked this one Fil although I hoped to see the links to your liked notebook when hovering the mouse over a bubble.

This will probably lead to some preferential attachment behavior but still, it would be a nice feature to get more likes. :o)

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Thanks for the suggestion @maliky! I added a href encoding :slight_smile:

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That was useful. Thank you. First click, first nice surprise. I didn’t know you wanted to do french translations. I happily share that effort with you :slight_smile:

Here is a collection of french translation drafts. I also would be happy to find common grounds on what french terms to use for notebook, observable, inspector, mutable states, views … I’m not sure that direct translations are the best… but I’m no expert translator.

Long live the :baguette_bread: !

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I keep skimming most of /recent but I have noticed that the number of notebooks has increased while the signal:noise ratio has been gradually decreasing (where signal = stuff I personally find interesting; YMMV), so it’s a bit harder to stay motivated to keep on top of it. Those changes have nothing to do with the redesign per se, so there might be other causes involved if the number of likes on @fil’s notebooks has been decreasing.

Another possibility is that with the end of summer people have other work to do and less time to spend reading notebooks.


@jrus For what it’s worth, I’m currently in the planning stages for a glitch.me hosted ObservableHQ scraper with attached sqlite database. I expect this may open some new avenues for notebook exploration.


I have not expected a design update so soon. But i really like it! looks awesome.

One small thing i noticed the other day, when editing inside a cell the cursor sometimes gets lost. Making it hard to see where i currently am (maybe thats just an issue on my side).
But i was thinking that a more prominent cursor could be an idea. Especially when editing with multiple cursors.

Good news, everyone! We just shipped an overhaul of Explore with a stronger emphasis on fresh, high-quality notebooks. It now updates frequently throughout the day (and week). You can also quickly browse recently-published notebooks and the weekly top 10.


If you’re interested in the math, we use a formula based on likes and age to rank trending notebooks.

Let us know what you think, and please click “like” on notebooks you enjoy so that other people can discover them! :heart:


That trending page is great, thanks @mike & al.!


The new explore page looks awesome, I love it!

The only thing that would bring it to total perfection is a switcher here (Most liked last week -> month -> year -> all time):


Here’s how it looks on Reddit (and I use it ALL the time):



This is great.

One v. small thing — I noticed there seem to be two missing slots here:

I notice this also happens if you scroll to the bottom of a search results page:

That’s a limitation of the grid: with 30 results per page you get 7.5 rows (7x4 + 2).

Increasing the number of results per page to 36 might work better, as it would fill all rows both for 3 and 4 columns (and of course 1 and 2).