Tooltips in Bertin.js

I’m using Bertin.js to draw a dorling cartogram here Appendix to "Does your birthplace affect your probability to have a Wikipedia biography?" / PAC / Observable.

However, the tooltips don’t work. I don’t understand why. I’m using neocarto’s notebook (Bertin.js: Dorling cartogram / neocarto / Observable) as an example.

If you mention a person directly they will get a notification… @neocarto


@pac02 The tooltips are working for me in Chrome for all bertin charts. Did you already manage to solve your problem? If not, can you elaborate what behavior you’d expect, compared to how it currently works?

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Thanks for your feedback. It works on Chrome but the weird things is that the behaviour using Firefox is not the same for the two notebooks.

maybe because it’s using the same id=info in both maps?

Normally, it works even if you make several maps in one page. Bertin.js: Dorling cartogram / neocarto / Observable

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On my laptop, the tooltips of your notebook work on chrome and firefox. Can you tell me more?

Doesn’t work for me in Firefox 97.0.1 on macos.

Ok. Thank you. I add an issue in github.

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I don’t have my laptop right now but I’ll look further when I come back home.