Text Truncated in Treemap

I am using the latest Treemap report, with a relatively small dataset (only 5 primary categories, each with 3 children)

Is there a way to prevent the text from being truncated in the smaller leaves? Perhaps setting a minimum height and width?

In this notebook the text labels are clipped with the clip-path attribute; you can either comment out the line that sets this attribute:

     // .attr("clip-path", d => d.clipUid)

or if you don’t want to touch that block of code, select all the text elements and set their attribute to null, for example like so:

chart.selectAll("text").attr("clip-path", null);

Thank you very much for your response. I gave this a try, but I think I may need to use a different approach. I still have text missing form my graph, mostly because the leaves are too small:


Do you have any suggestions on how to improve this?