Animated Treemap Fuzzy Text

I am very interested in the Animated Treemap visualization, but I wanted to see if I could deal with the following issue:

The text seems to be slightly out of focus during the transition (understandable), but then when it reaches the end of the transition, the text becomes clear for a split second before the next transition starts. I thought that increasing the difference in time between how long a transition takes (2500 in the chart cell) and how long before the index changes (3500 in the viewof index cell) would help because I would be increasing the time that the visual is at it’s new final destination. That did not help.

Sometimes the text becomes crisp and clear when I click on the visualization.

I guess what I am wondering about is,

  1. Am I the only person experiencing this, and
  2. If not, how would I resolve this issue (so that the text is automatically crisp/clear at the end of a transition)?

I do not see any difference in the text during the transition or when it stops. Using Chromium Version 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) Arch Linux (64-bit).

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