Text Input Cursor gets lost

This text input looses its cursor when it is displayed in a html div: https://observablehq.com/embed/39b3ef5db3328091@3023?cells=dashboard%2Cstyle

this is the code:

dashboard = html`

${title_klimawandel} ${viewof plz_input} ${chart_klimawandel} ${credits_klimawandel}

and this is the notebook: Inflation Dashboard Input / RND | Observable

That’s because your dashboard cell updates whenever plz_input produces a value. I recommend that you don’t hide the “running” indicators when editing your notebook, since they provide valuable information to understand how your notebook behaves.

If you don’t want to restructure your notebook, you can add the option {submit: true} to your plz_input widget so that users need to explicitely confirm any change, and lost focus on submission will be less of an issue.

Otherwise have a look at your notebook’s dependency graph to better understand how your cells interact: