How to save changes?

Hello, I am brand new to this tool. I forked a notebook from a course I’m doing (1. Draw a flower petal on the screen / Elsa Brown | Observable).

I am entering text into this input and want my changes to be saved: 1. Draw a flower petal on the screen / Elsa Brown | Observable

But when I enter text and press “Play” the text I typed gets erased.

Is there any way to save the content I enter into this input? I have tried to edit other code in the notebook and none of my changes are being saved.

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Your second link points to a cell containing a text input. That’s an HTML element that’s designed for an end user to type in input. It’s expected to be ephemeral. When you hit the play button, you regenerate the the text input in its original state.

If, instead, you use the vertical three dot menu that appears when you hover near the left of the cell, you can edit the cell contents. I did so to change the placeholder text and that process looks something like so:

You might consider checking out some basic intro videos that introduce Observable. I’m not generally a huge fan of those but I think they’re most useful for learning the basic types of interaction with the notebook.