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Teaching PDEs

I’ve developed quite a lot of material over the past few months for use in a class on partial differential equations that I’m teaching this semester. I’ve been slow to publish much of it, partly because it requires a level of mathematical sophistication that doesn’t lend itself to general consumption but also because some of the notebooks require server-side code that I wasn’t ready to unleash. I spent a bit of time today cleaning it up and creating a notebook to organize it.

As a bonus, I thought I’d embed my organizational notebook here that allows you to group the list of notebooks into various categories. In addition, that’ll let me get around the time limit on editing that the forum software imposes when I add more. :slight_smile:


Mark! These are amazing!! Still looking through them but I wanna call attention to the string-plucker, which I’ve spent five minutes plucking:

I hadn’t seen the constructive solid geometry language before. Really cool.

I loved my diff eqs class and of course forget almost everything but did make one notebook once, inspired by an old Steven Strogatz example: https://next.observablehq.com/@tophtucker/tales-from-the-romeo-and-juliet-phase-space.

I’ve always wanted to do some kind of explanation of Black-Scholes options pricing via heat diffusion visualization (including where the metaphor breaks down, e.g. the assumption of “continuous trading”) but I have no idea where to begin. But it does mean I always feel like heat diffusion visualizations are particularly profound…

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So glad you like it!

I wanna call attention to the string-plucker, which I’ve spent five minutes plucking:

Awesome - it’s definitely my hope that people get sucked up into doing silly things like that, until they start to wonder something like - “how does that work?”

Also, stochastic differential equation (like the Black-Sholes model), are definitely on my list of things to tackle.

Thanks again!

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Great notebooks! Also made me realize I need to learn x3dom to make elevation maps :slight_smile:

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I’ve used X3Dom to make a few 3D Choropleths, like this population map. I really like this globe, though. I noticed your How much warmer demo and wondered about how it might look using that triangulated X3Dom effect.

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