Tab indent for Markdown Lists

Was using Observable at work and someone mentioned an interesting gripe regarding Markdown cells. They noted that generating a bulleted list works well, returning a new line with a dash, but then hitting tab to start a nested list requires tabbing at the start of the line. So a tab at a new bullet simply adds a tab rather than indenting the bullet.

Could be beneficial to allow tabs to nest and unnest (shift+tab) when writing out markdown lists. Thanks.

Always learning,

P.S. Regarding questions/comments/feedback like this, would be interested to hear thoughts on topics like this beginning here in Talk or as Github Issues. What feedback flow is most helpful for you all? Much appreciated.

Thanks Zach,

For feedback like this (clearly a product suggestion as opposed to a discussion about using Observable), it is better to use the feedback repo.

To indent the bullets, you can use Command-] and to un-indent you can use Command-[ (on Mac). Can’t remember what it is in Windows, but it is shown here in the keyboard shortcuts (you can get to those by hitting ? in a notebook).