Support for expanding and pinning all sections

It would be great to have a mechanism (or API?) to expand and pin every section in a notebook.

As others have pointed out, makes it easy to see all the code immediately. On Observable, one has to manually expand and pin each section.

Has there been any discussion of a mechanism to expand/pin everything? Maybe a URL param?


There have been a few such requests, e.g. Is there a way to "edit all" or "pin all"? and Via UX prompt: Ctrl-F to find code in someone's notebook

The suggested workaround for now is to open a separate tab/window in safe mode (add /safe to the end of the notebook URL). The notebook will update simultaneously in all open editor instances (provided your internet connection remains stable).

I just wanted to chime in to say that with Broadcast Channels:

You also have a pretty easy way to synchronize local state between the same notebook open in multiple tabs or windows. It makes it even easier to edit a notebook and tweak sliders in one place, while keeping the output consistent and never needing to refresh…