suggestion: "merge this cell"

In fork compare view, where can see parent, diff, fork, I would use a “merge” button that would merge only this cell.

Could be useful when you fixed a bug in a fork that has diverged, and want to cherry-pick this fix only. (Currently this means copy/pasting across multiple windows.)

You can click the “Parent” option in the gear menu at the top, and then click the “Fork” tab above the one cell you want to merge. Does that work for you?

ah yes, perfect! (I’m spending m days in Observable but hadn’t paid enough attention to that menu.)

Ah that’s how out works. It’s not very obvious from the UI. I don’t have any immediate suggestion for how to make it more obvious (maybe it’s inherently hard) but perhaps a tutorial/walkthrough of some sort would help? And maybe a little explanatory text at the top, with a link to the tutorial for more info?


@mbostock In the Next UI, I can compare fork and merge, but I see no ‘gear menu at the top’. On switch to Classic, I see the gear icon opening a menu, but I see no Merge button.

I’m confused on how to merge a specific cell.