Size limite for network using d3.force ?

I’m trying to do my first “real” size network using simulation and d3.force. Actually I just forked Simple Force-Directed Graph (Network graph) from xianwu and tried to make it work with my own dataset of few hundred nodes.

I failed locally and on observable because I’m dum in javascript and I’m still learning by trial and error. The first error I got was a "Type error" can't assign to property "vx" on "n0": not an object
So I thought that maybe I should have my id as int exactly as in xianwu’s notebook, but the error just changed to Uncaught TypeError: Cannot create property 'vx' on number '0'

Therefor, I am wondering if the problem is not the size of the network although I’ve seen bigger one in observable.

How can I show the graph associated with the data (in graphml format).

Thank you

I’m not seeing any TypeError’s in the notebook you linked (though the force-directed graph ends up mostly outside the viewbox of the SVG since the repulsive force is so high). Is there another version you meant to share?

No, that’s the one… I don’t know where my error went…
I guess I’m left with looking for a way to constrain the nodes in the view port, which should be straight forward after studying a bit more the d3.force doc.

Thank you