d3.forceSimulation freeze

hello, I’m using d3-force with v-graph-network in Vue in typescript.
I have a little problem with the rendering. Even with a pretty standard setup of d3 using most of the default configuration, I have some freezes with the graph.
I create nodes, I link them. it’s very visible when edges are animated with the dashes moving, when the graph settles after some adding and movement, the whole thing freezes, animations stops then just start again but then graph stop centering itself. also the more movement there is on the graph before settling, the longer the freeze.
with alphaMin() set to a higher number, 0.05 instead of 0.001, it settles faster, freezes last less longer but most of the time the nodes don’t have time to center itself and after the freeze just doesn’t change anymore.
if anyone has any idea what might be causing this.