Show that I’ve liked a notebook when viewing it in a list

Currently, notebooks appear with an empty :heart: icon in lists whether or not they’ve been liked. I’d like to suggest filling in the icon when you’ve liked the notebook:



The icon is absent in the teaser if a notebook has not been liked yet. This might be more apparent when viewing the most recent notebooks. Notebooks that are listed as “popular this week” are ranked by their number of likes, which is the small number beside the heart icon.

There is actually one place where you’ll see a red icon: if you open a notebook that you have already liked, the like icon in the top right will appear filled red, otherwise only the outline will be visible.

That’s what I meant — I’d like the notebook to indicate whether or not I’ve liked it, so I can see which notebook I’ve liked at a glance. Sorry if I was unclear.


My bad, I should have read your post more carefully. :slight_smile:


I would also like this.

Might also be neat if there were a way to see I have clicked through to a notebook before, and if so, if it has changed since the last time I visited.