Selection color in dark mode, with Firefox

In dark mode, selected text is difficult to read, in Firefox.

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It’s because of OS X & Firefox apparently. Firefox doesn’t adjust the selection color for a dark background, but Chrome does. I changed mine to blue and it was still hard to read in FF. Perhaps using CSS to define a selection color will be worth the tradeoff of overriding users’ system configurations. Maybe it should only be done in dark mode.

Not a bug so much as a UX issue that at least one person experienced…

Selection color for white text should always be something darker than middle gray. If browsers don’t do that natively, then the CSS should specify something (e.g. dark blue).

Okay, update: text-selection color of notebook contents is now fixed when you’re in dark mode, so that Firefox and any other browser that doesn’t auto-adjust from system defaults will still yield readable selections.