Seeking candidates with d3js data visualization experience

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Research – Data Visualization Associate

Morgan Stanley Research is committed to being an essential part of our clients’ investment process. We strive to be the sell-side research provider that best understands the buy side. Through relevant and timely conversations with leading investors, we focus resources on risk-reward essentials: identifying the investor debates, assessing the potential outcomes, and uncovering the evidence our clients need to validate their investment decisions. Our equity analysts cover some 3,300 stocks; our economists, strategists and fixed income analysts cover all major regions and other asset classes around the globe.

As a part of Research, AlphaWise is an entrepreneurial team that delivers data-driven research to Morgan Stanley’s investment analysts, spanning 80 + sectors across the globe. From the curation of proprietary research to drawing upon big data, web scraping and market research, this team applies analytics to uncover insights and partners with analysts to shape compelling views on stocks, sectors and investment debates.

AlphaWise is seeking a data visualization expert for an exciting and innovative role:

  • Partner with equity, fixed income and macro analysts/strategists to understand key investment debates, identify relevant data sources and determine how best to leverage and display that data to uncover investment insights.
  • Develop charts, maps and dashboards to include in Morgan Stanley Research notes. This includes opportunities to experiment with cutting edge visualization techniques and technologies to help Morgan Stanley analysts’ display investment insights.
  • Build interactives using JavaScript and our AlphaWise BI platform. We have extensive libraries and modules based on D3 for handling data, charts, maps, colors, inputs, interactivity, animations, algorithms, mobile etc.
  • Source, explore, interpret, prepare and combine large and complex data sets. Create data models and algorithms where required.
  • Design the UX including charts, layout and interactivity, with a focus on tech responsivity and performance.
  • Collaborate with the broader primary research and quant analytics teams within AlphaWise and MS Research. Work with the offshore team to enhance our BI platform.
  • Train MS analysts on self-service capabilities. Assist analysts with any issues with interactive data updates and the publication process

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