reshare button shouldn't copy notebook URL to clipboard

I’ve been fiddling with Tom Larkworthy’s notebook cell proxy thingy, and just spent several minutes confused after repeatedly copying a ‘preview’ link from a notebook, then pressing the ‘reshare’ button, and having the text I had copied clobbered by the notebook URL.

If I want to put the notebook URL on the clipboard, I can do it separately. Having the platform guess that every time I ‘reshare’ a new notebook version I might immediately want to paste the link somewhere is over-aggressive. I appreciate the attempt to infer my intent and help save one step, but the percentage of the time where I click the ‘reshare’ button in a notebook and immediately want a link on my clipboard can’t be more than about 5% (for me personally; maybe it is different for others), while having my clipboard silently clobbered causes a lot of confusion.


A better solution would be to use a clipboard manager. I use Ditto on windows so I access a clipboard history and not bound to a single clip.

A better solution to what?

I imagine he means then the clipboard content would just be shifted one space down a clipboard history stack, instead of ‘clobbered’.

Then if I had a special keyboard shortcut for manipulating the clipboard stack or pasting the 2nd item, that could be a workaround to avoid the need to re-copy the previous thing.

But even if I were using a clipboard history tool (I did for a few years about a decade ago), I would still rather not have stuff get copied to the clipboard that I didn’t intend to copy.


That’s how I read it as well. But imo shifting responsibility to the user to work around a feature that already goes against usability best practices can never be labeled “a better solution”. :slight_smile:

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I retract the use of the word “better”, having a clipboard history would help in more than this one instance and would help when you needed to clip something but still needed what was in your clipboard or when you hit ctrl-c instead of ctrl-v.

Also I was thinking of banging the clipboard in one of my notebooks, automatically copy a colour palette when another action is performed.
But now, I am reconsidering do that as not everyone uses a clipboard history and my practices are not always the best.

I’ve been bitten by this behavior too. I think that a handly “Copy link” in the share notification would be fine; overwriting my clipboard when I press “Share” is not.